On the road

We left Maine on June 30th.. It’s been non stop ever since… Here’s some pictures from the trip.


Almost ready to go

Last box just went in the truck… Wonder if we’ll get all the cleaning done

TKE Boob-a-thon

Knitters showing their support for breast cancer patients.

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I guess I should update

Not much going on….

We went camping with Liz, Moe and their kids and Kim & Opie & the boys.  It was fun.  Scott wants to learn to play fiddle I want to learn to play mandolin. We went to the News England Country Music Fest @ Gillette Stadium.  It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait until next year!!

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I finished my Swingin Blue.  I still might add straps but I’m not sure.
School starts back in a few weeks.  Hopefully I will be working with the same little girl as last year.  I am hoping to start at ASI soon too. At the end of Septemnber Kim and I are having a girl’s weekend.  We are going to the Big E in Ma. to see Leann Rimes and Sugarland.  This should be a lot of fun!!


I have been tagged by Boogie.

“The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.”

Where was I 10 years go?

Scott and I had been married for a year and a half. We were stationed in Whidbey Island, WA. I think we were still living in the tiny apartment….it was probably 500 sq. ft. at most. I was working at Kmart. Seems like a lifetime ago.

5 things on today’s to-do list

watch tv, eat something for lunch, knit, mow the yard, knit

Snacks I enjoy

my favorite lately has been Fruity Cherrios… most of the time it unhealthy stuff…but sometimes a fruit or veggie

Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

Have a farm with alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats… travel… have a maid…. travel…. give money to friends and family

Places I have lived.

Missouri, Washington, Florida(yuck), and Maine(I wanna stay here forever)

Jobs I have had.

babysitter, state park attendant, salesperson in a t-shirt shop, secretary for a college professor, Kmart, Walmart, Petco, marketing manager for a real estate office, West Point Stevens, teacher at a preschool, one on one support for a child with autism, and in home support for mentally challenged

Who would I like to know more about.


Where do I begin?

Let’s see…last post was in April…found out my job was saved…yeah!! The school year finally ended on June 23rd…summer school starts next week.

Scott returned home from overseas on June 9th.

Ma & Pa came up to visit for a week. We did the tourist thing.

We even had time for some celebrity hunting.

We then had Minis on Top…This is where 200+ MINIs/Minis take over the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We end the day with sunset on top of Mt. Washington…..but not this year. June was a pretty good month.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer. Starting back to school…a second job…Christmas in July…camping and bluegrass…and of course Kenny!!


Well spring has finally sprung here in Maine. I should take some pics of my flowers. I will probably mow the yard for the first time this weekend…uggh!!

It has been a stress filled couple of weeks. I found out my job is on the line. There are huge budget cuts and I’m one of the new people so it’s so long to my great and wonderful job. I went to the school committee meeting tonight and it doesn’t sound to promising. So to help relieve some of my stress I took a trip over spring break. I loaded up myself and the poopers and headed south. I stooped in MD to see our friend Jay. He is moving his family to CA for a great new job and I wish him the best of luck. It was great to finally meet his family. He has a wonderful family and I am so happy for him. I then headed to see Stephen, my friend from high school. It was great to catch up with him and meet his fiancee, Tammy. She is a very strong woman and exactly what he needs. Congrats you two!! Love ya both. I stopped back in MD on the way home. I finally found the Amish jam lady…cherry jam…yummo

To end my week I head to Northampton, MA with some of th gals from TKE. Why you may ask? But to see the Yarn Harlot. It was so much fun.

Who am I?

You Are An ISTJ
The Duty Fulfiller

You are responsible, reliable, and hardworking – you get the job done.
You prefer productive hobbies, like woodworking or knittings.
Quiet and serious, you are well prepared for whatever life hands you.
Conservative and down-to-earth, you hardly ever do anything crazy.

In love, you are loyal and honest. If you commit yourself to someone, then you’re fully committed.
For you, love is something that happens naturally. And you don’t need romantic gestures to feel loved.

At work, you remember details well and are happy to take on any responsibility.
You would make a great business executive, accountant, or lawyer.

How you see yourself: Decisive, stable, and dependable

When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Boring, conservative, and egotistical

Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging
by Marina Margaret Heiss

Profile: ISFJ
Revision: 3.1
Date of Revision: 20 Aug 2007

ISFJs are characterized above all by their desire to serve others, their “need to be needed.” In extreme cases, this need is so strong that standard give-and-take relationships are deeply unsatisfying to them; however, most ISFJs find more than enough with which to occupy themselves within the framework of a normal life. (Since ISFJs, like all SJs, are very much bound by the prevailing social conventions, their form of “service” is likely to exclude any elements of moral or political controversy; they specialize in the local, the personal, and the practical.)

ISFJs are often unappreciated, at work, home, and play. Ironically, because they prove over and over that they can be relied on for their loyalty and unstinting, high-quality work, those around them often take them for granted–even take advantage of them. Admittedly, the problem is sometimes aggravated by the ISFJs themselves; for instance, they are notoriously bad at delegating (“If you want it done right, do it yourself”). And although they’re hurt by being treated like doormats, they are often unwilling to toot their own horns about their accomplishments because they feel that although they deserve more credit than they’re getting, it’s somehow wrong to want any sort of reward for doing work (which is supposed to be a virtue in itself). (And as low-profile Is, their actions don’t call attention to themselves as with charismatic Es.) Because of all of this, ISFJs are often overworked, and as a result may suffer from psychosomatic illnesses.

In the workplace, ISFJs are methodical and accurate workers, often with very good memories and unexpected analytic abilities; they are also good with people in small-group or one-on-one situations because of their patient and genuinely sympathetic approach to dealing with others. ISFJs make pleasant and reliable co-workers and exemplary employees, but tend to be harried and uncomfortable in supervisory roles. They are capable of forming strong loyalties, but these are personal rather than institutional loyalties; if someone they’ve bonded with in this way leaves the company, the ISFJ will leave with them, if given the option. Traditional careers for an ISFJ include: teaching, social work, most religious work, nursing, medicine (general practice only), clerical and and secretarial work of any kind, and some kinds of administrative careers.

While their work ethic is high on the ISFJ priority list, their families are the centers of their lives. ISFJs are extremely warm and demonstrative within the family circle–and often possessive of their loved ones, as well. When these include Es who want to socialize with the rest of the world, or self-contained ITs, the ISFJ must learn to adjust to these behaviors and not interpret them as rejection. Being SJs, they place a strong emphasis on conventional behavior (although, unlike STJs, they are usually as concerned with being “nice” as with strict propriety); if any of their nearest and dearest depart from the straight-and-narrow, it causes the ISFJ major embarrassment: the closer the relationship and the more public the act, the more intense the embarrassment (a fact which many of their teenage children take gleeful advantage of). Over time, however, ISFJs usually mellow, and learn to regard the culprits as harmless eccentrics :-). Needless to say, ISFJs take infinite trouble over meals, gifts, celebrations, etc., for their loved ones–although strong Js may tend to focus more on what the recipient should want rather than what they do want.

Like most Is, ISFJs have a few, close friends. They are extremely loyal to these, and are ready to provide emotional and practical support at a moment’s notice. (However, like most Fs they hate confrontation; if you get into a fight, don’t expect them to jump in after you. You can count on them, however, run and get the nearest authority figure.) Unlike with EPs, the older the friendship is, the more an ISFJ will value it. One ISFJ trait that is easily misunderstood by those who haven’t known them long is that they are often unable to either hide or articulate any distress they may be feeling. For instance, an ISFJ child may be reproved for “sulking,” the actual cause of which is a combination of physical illness plus misguided “good manners.” An adult ISFJ may drive a (later ashamed) friend or SO into a fit of temper over the ISFJ’s unexplained moodiness, only afterwards to explain about a death in the family they “didn’t want to burden anyone with.” Those close to ISFJs should learn to watch for the warning signs in these situations and take the initiative themselves to uncover the problem.

Functional Analysis
by Joe Butt
Introverted Sensing

As for ISTJs, the dominant Si is oriented toward the world of forms, essences, generics. Again, “for both of the IS_J types, the sense of propriety comes from the clear definition of these internal forms. … A ‘proper’ chair has four legs,” etc. (Jung saw IS as something of an oxymoron: sensing, which is a perceiving function, focused inward and thus away from that which is perceived (the “object”). In this light, he described this sensing as something removed from reality, full of archetypes/mythical figures/hobgoblins; sensing of one’s own set of forms.)
Extraverted Feeling

A kind of “regression toward the mean” provided by the Fe auxiliary function serves to socialize the expression of these forms. I suppose it’s the auxiliary nature of this Feeling, coupled with the balancing effect of {detachment from the internal idiosyncratic view of free-floating data perceptions} that makes ISFJs tentative, conservative, and reticent to boldly state the rights and wrongs in the relational world. (Loosely translated, ISFJs like to keep their perceptions to themselves, and aren’t sure enough that what they “see” as Introverted Sensors has any relevance to the outside world. Thus the perception, based on unworldly data, may not be true. The obedient Extraverted Feeling function must therefore refrain from strong statements expressing these opinions.)
Introverted Thinking

Introverted Thinking is turned inward and is largely invisible. It is only with great difficulty, if at all, that the ISFJ could willingly commit anyone to their doom. Perhaps this explains why ISFJs are loyal to the end; there is no sense of purely objective (i.e., impersonal) judgement of anyone but themselves (and that only by their own standards). Here is this type’s achilles heel that makes many of them so vulnerable to the scoundrels and ne’er-do-wells who often use and abuse them.
Extraverted iNtuition

ISFJs are easily undone by Extraverted iNtuition, their inferior function. Believing in the fantastic, and disbelieving the technologically extant, are errors that my guide the gullible (or unfoundedly sceptical) ISFJ off a precipice of mis-conclusion. (One of our co-workers’ mothers adamantly refused to believe that Dave Letterman’s mom was actually at the olympics in Norway talking with the athletes and handing out hams! She suspected technological trickery.)

This childlike Ne is, however, the likely source (coupled with fun-loving Extraverted Feeling) of the practical joking, punning and (usually harmless) impishness of some ISFJs.
Famous ISFJs:

St. Teresa of Avila (Teresa de Jesus)
Louisa May Alcott
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Queen Elizabeth II of England
Robert E. Lee
Queen Mary I (“Bloody Mary”) of England

Bianca in Taming of the Shrew
David Copperfield
Hero in Much Ado About Nothing
Melanie in Gone With The Wind
Ophelia in Hamlet
Dr. John H. Watson, M.D. (Sherlock Holmes’ faithful sidekick)

U.S. Presidents:
William Howard Taft

Johnny Carson, comedian
Robin Roberts (Good Morning America)
Kristi Yamaguchi, US Olympic figure skater
Ed Bradley, journalist

Well it’s been a while again. I always forget that I have a blog. Not much new going on. I finished my monkey socks and I started Sprout. The weather is finally making a turn for the better. The new roof is in progress. It will be nice to not worry about it leaking any more.

Let’s see what else…I’m going on a trip during Spring Break next month. I think I’m going to go stay in a hotel in Worcester MA for a few days…so I can hang with my friends from Mass Motoring Club…then I’m going to drive down to VA and spend some time with my friend Stephen from HS. It will be good to see him again. I hear rumors of an engagement happening there….Tammy is a great gal and really good for him. I am taking one of my certification test at the end of that week and we also are going to see the Yarn Harlot. So I should be ready to come back and start getting ready for Scott’s return.

It’s been a while

I’ve been neglecting my blog…why I don’t know…but shame on me. Not much going on really. I did go out the other day and take some pics of all the snow.  The first one is of the deck…can’t even see the railing…the grill is sitting on top of a plastic table…the second is the lawn furniture sitting in the yard…third is a snow bank snow angel…I was pretty much standing…the fourth is self explanatory


I finally finished my second pair of killer zap. I delivered them tonight before KAN. I was then killed by Caitlin in Missouri when I got home and got my mail from the mail box. I’m happy to be dead. More time to knit for me.


my killer zapsimg_0058.jpg

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